Aaj Dil Shayrana Lyrics – Arjit Singh

Aaj Dil Shayrana is a very delightful Hindi song which is sung by the talented Arjit Singh. Its meaningful lyrics are given by Irshad Kamil. The song duration is 2:23 and is recorded by Pritam.

So, Let’s enjoy the Aaj Dil Shayrana lyrics in easy language. Also, here are some of the basic details about the song Aaj Dil Shayrana is given.

Aaj Dil Shayrana Lyrics

Aaj Dil Shayrana Lyrics

Aaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai

Aaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai

Udta phire dil, utarna jaane na

Aaj dil shayarana shairana shayrana shayrana shairana lagta hai

Bigda hua dil sambhalna jaane na

Aaj dil shaayaraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai

Jagah jagah dhoondhe tujhe

Tujhko dhoondhe khayalon mein

Jahaan jahaan saaya tera

Jaaye raina wahi

O.. jagah jagah dekhe tujhe chahaton ke hawalon mein

Jahaan jahaan paaye tujhe bole jannat yahi

Aaj dil shayarana shayrana.. yeah yeah o..

Aaj dil shayarana shayrana.. shayrana lagta hai

Wo o o…

Subah dhoonda.. pukara tujhe shaam shaam shaam shaam ko

Shaam shaam shaam shaam ko

Khud se zyaada diya hai

Tere naam naam naam naam ko

Naam naam naam naam ko

Meri baaton mein tera.. wo..

Aana jaana lagta hai

Hai yahi ishqana ishqana ishqana ishqana ishqana lagta hai

Aaj dil shayarana.. yeah hmm.. lagta hai..

Tum khaamoshi, tum hi ho meri baat baat baat baat bhi

Baat baat baat baat bhi

Tanha bhi hoon, tum hi ho mere saath saath saath saath bhi

Saath saath saath saath bhi

Dil ye rehta ram mein..

Yeh begaana lagta hai..

Yeh bada sahibana sahibana sahibana sahibana sahibana lagta hai

Yaar shayarana shayrana shayrana shayrana shaayraana lagta hai

Wo ho o…

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