Sorry Lyrics – Alan Walker & Isak

Sorry is a very delightful English song which is sung by the talented Alan Walker & Isak. Its meaningful lyrics are given by them. The song duration is 3:09 and is recorded by them.

So, Let’s enjoy the Sorry lyrics in easy language. Also, here are some of the basic details about the song Sorry is given.

Sorry Lyrics

Song Details

Song Name Sorry
Singer Alan Walker & Isak
Lyrics byAlan Walker & Isak
Featured cast Alan Walker & Isak
Label Alan Walker
Release date29th January 2021

Sorry Lyrics

Confetti is falling

at 5 inthe morning

they’re screaming

and crying

but i’m all by myelf

i know you

i’m sorry

i made up

a story

i’m lonely

i’m falling

just like you

i’m sorry

Sorry Music Video

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