No Explanation Lyrics – Joey Bada$$ ft. Pusha T

No Explanation is a very delightful English song which is sung by talented Joey Bada$$ & Pusha T. Its meaningful lyrics are given by Joey Bada$$ & Pusha T. The song duration is 3:22 and is recorded by Swizz Beatz, Sean C & LV.

So, Let’s enjoy the No Explanation lyrics in easy language. Also, here are some of the basic details about the song No Explanation is given.

NO Explanation Lyrics

Song Details

Song Name No Explanation
Singers Joey Bada$$
Lyrics by Joey Bada$$
Featured cast Joey Bada$$
Release date16th July 2020

No Explanation Lyrics

Y’all ready, y’all ready, right?

This still got me a lil’ confused, you know what I mean?

Y’all ready, right? Yeah

Okay, yeah

Been in my mind lately, hah, been in my mind

Yeah, harder to find lately


Wrote this accompanied by a lil’ reefer

My Beats pill speaker

And my two hundred milliliter Hennessey

I hit your lil’ chica, told that bi**h to ven aquí

Then proceed to bend the knees

I been a G livin’ life the way I please

Came from the middle of the East like I’m Lebanese

Bottom line, these MCs lobotomized a thousand times

If we talkin’ ’bout their rhyme for rhyme

My stats combined got stocks and bonds

Multiply my worth ten times, by twenty-nine, ni**a

I ain’t lyin’, I’m already on my seventh figure

But I got other things on my mind that’s much bigger (Yeah)

Like bein’ the voice to this voiceless generation

And fill the void (Right), I can’t avoid this temptation

When I exploit, I explode off, detonation

Push my buttons and I go off with no explanation (Haha)

Been in my mind lately, yeah, been in my mind

So harder to find lately, harder to find

You best keep runnin’, the brother on me back

But I just keep comin’ (Yeah), ni**as on the Act’

And they just beef runnin’ (Push), hit you in them tracks

But it all means nothin’ (Yeugh), nothin’, nothin’

Cold cases, murder ni**as on a daily basis

Luminol flow, no traces

I am the blacklight, my whole career off of crack, right?

Olympic divin’ in this money, watch me jackknife

My rap life ain’t like yours

I’m really goin’ home to five stories and bright walls

Tied James Paytons, he said he got my one-of-ones waitin’

Why y’all thinkin’ James Evans Jr.?

Four and a half karats of tumor

At Nick Bhindi like Slick Rick the Ruler

Say less about your jewelers

You overpaid for it while bae ignore it

Your shit is just made for TV, thank Draya for it

VIP sections can’t be recorded

You might catch a housewife

Where ni**as pay ’em like they weigh and drop it outright

Get your count right, we can talk numbers

Single file, add up my digits ’til next summer, ni**as

I’m like the Wizard of Oz, on the yellow brick road (Right)

Ride slow with the iron, man (What else?)

New flows for your dome right out the fryin’ pan (Right)

Got that free smoke, you inhale through your diaphragm

I’m eatin’ now, had to change up my diet plan (Yeah)

Never lyin’, I am lion fang

Comin’ for the biggest cats in the food chain

Kill ’em all, the only thing left the fools chain

And who to blame?

Is it written raps or ancient artifacts? (Yeah)

And ni**as rippin’ tracks and spittin’ all the facts

Drippin’ out my cardiac, arrest is not needed to my body flat

Nah, killin’ shows, stackin’ bodybags

Catch you where the zombies at

Underground kings, ni**as honor that

My forward-thinkin’ make ’em all rewind it back (Yeah)

Way ahead of my time, I surpass ni**as

This a daily reminder that I am that ni**a

Badmon ting (Stupid, stupid, stupid)

Been in my mind lately, yeah, been in my mind

So harder to find lately, harder to find

You best keep runnin’, the brother on me back

But I just keep comin’, ni**as on the Act’

And they just beef runnin’, hit you in them tracks

But it all means nothin’, nothin’, nothin’

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